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When making a latte, getting the perfect consistency of milk froth can be a daunting task; here is a detailed guide on how to get the perfect froth consistency.

With the continuous popularity of achieving cafe or barista quality coffee at home, there has been the advent of modified coffee machines. While some have frothing capabilities with a price tag to reflect the versatility of the machine, for those looking for more convenient price points, there has been the creation of a frothing machine. Whether it is the manual, handheld or the built-in option, there is a version of an affordable frother for every pocket.

Moreover, with so many options, each has a different technique used in order to achieve the type of consistency desired. Therefore, we will also share how best to use each frother to get the best result from the type of frother chosen.

What types of frothers are there?

Auto frothers

As indicated in the name, the auto frother is one which creates the froth automatically, using automated technology. These types of frothers come in two primary varieties, including the self-contained units or appendage units. The self-contained frothers are part of the coffee machine, while the appendage frother being one which is an extension to the coffee machine. These are grouped together as the coffee maker has limited control over the consistency of the froth, as the settings are automated.

Handheld frothers

Handheld frothers refer to small electric-charged handheld wands which are used for frothing. This type of frother relies on the user in order to achieve their desired consistency and mould of the froth. Moreover, there is a variety of handheld frothers which are either battery operated or use a charger to operate. Another distinction is the type of wand, with the size of type of wand used differing from a single rod or a rod with a steel twine attached to it.

Built-in frothers

Built-in frothers refer to those that are built-in into large scale coffee or espresso machines. These come in two basic forms, including the auto frothers (similar to the previously addressed auto frothers), or steam wands, which is the side attachable which creates the froth through steaming the milk.

Tips on using handheld frothers

Using a frother can be a daunting task, especially for first-timers who are still nervous as they use a frother, more so in reference to using a handheld frother. Therefore, in making their process less daunting, here are tips to take into consideration when using a handheld frother.


It is important when using a handheld frother to always be cognizant of the position at which the frother is held. Preferably, the user is advised to always slightly tilt the frother, this allows for the foam to build and grow, rather than an up-and-down movement which would not create the desired volume. Using the slightly tilted method and remembering to continually move the wand around is key.


While there is no set rule whether it is better to use hot or cold milk. The use of cold milk is preferred, as it needs less preparation work before using your wand. With warm or hot milk, getting the temperature right is important and requires the additional use of a thermometer in order to ensure that the milk is at the right temperature to achieve the desired result.

How to use a handheld frother

Now, using a handheld frother considering the tips provided should be easier to understand and follow. The steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure your handheld frother is charged or the batteries are working.
  2. Pour a third of a cup of milk into a mug or invest in a milk pitcher for larger portions.
  3. Insert the wand of the handheld first into the centre of the cup and turn on the wand action. Using the tips, circulate the wand in the cup until the desired consistency is achieved.
  4. Use as desired, whether for coffee or your latte.

Pricing for handheld frothers

The pricing of handheld frother is reasonable and is accommodative of any budget. This is for a single handheld frother, you can spend anywhere between $8.99 up to $17.27. This is as the option ranges from handheld frothers, which are battery-enabled or rechargeable. The size of the wand also impacts the cost. Additionally, some brands sell the handheld frothers in a box of two or more, which also impacts the pricing.

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