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Anastasia Kvitko Demi Rose style, with gold swimsuit | Instagram

The exquisite figure of Anastasia Kvitko once again shone in a Photo and is that the renowned Russian model appears wearing a golden swimsuit, very much in the style of the beautiful Demi Rose.

On constant occasions these two flirtatious celebrities have been compared to each other, coming from another continent, currently residing in the United States, their popularity thanks to their content on Instagram became practically immediate.

On the one hand, the British model Demi Rose, is currently the one who has the largest number of followers with 18.8 million in terms of the Russian model Anastasia kvitko it has 12.2 million respectively.

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Each one has its way of catching the glances of its followers, above all this increases when they wear tiny clothes like this golden swimsuit, especially this tone, because it highlights her charms and the tanned tone of her skin.

Anastasia Kvitko is known for her huge curves | Instagram anastasiya_kvitko

The same happened with a photograph that Kvitko’s own fans shared, where curiously, she appears full-body with a pose that surely manages to produce more than a sigh to everyone who observes her.

Six days ago it was shared on an Instagram account of a fanpage of Anastasiya kvitko, is how you can find it on their official social networks.

The design is not one of the smallest that she has used throughout her career as an Instagram model, despite this, her enormous curves can be admired immediately.


In addition to the Russian celebrity, Demi Rose also has some accounts on Instagram, where content of her showing her beauty is shared.

Anastasia Kvitko and Demi Rose as influencers

It seems that they have taken a liking to perfectly select the content they will share on Instagram, and therefore sometimes it takes a couple of days to make a new publication.

Demi currently has 576 posts in total, as for the beautiful and voluptuous Russian Kim Kardashian She has 1,063 posts respectively, both of which are two successful influencers as well as Instagram celebrities.

Probably because of the 6.6 million fan difference between the two, Demi Rose is better known, although it is something more than evident, especially now that he made a collaboration with the clothing brand Pretty Little Thing.

Two beautiful, voluptuous women who are not afraid to show their curvy body, a type of figure that a couple of years ago began to become fashionable, precisely thanks to the Kardashian sisters, hence the nickname for Anastasia.

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