Birthday Cake, Pie, Cereal Milk, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow

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6 open pints of MilkBar ice cream

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There are six Milk Bar flavors available in pints: Birthday Cake, Butter Pie, Cereal Milk, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crunch, and Gingerbread House.

Cereal Milk: This flavor is Milk Bar’s calling card, replicating the taste of milk at the bottom of your bowl of Cornflakes. I would categorize the base of this ice cream as vanilla, but the corn flake infusion makes it unique. The taste of Cereal Milk reminds you that carbohydrates break down into sugar molecules, as the flavor bumps up the natural sweetness of cornmeal with more sugar. The Cornflakes crunch swirl isn’t exactly crunchy (at least compared to the version of the topping offered at Milk Bar locations), but it is evenly distributed throughout the pint. 

Birthday Cake: Based on Milk Bar’s dessert of the same name, Birthday Cake has chunks of cake, frosting, and sprinkles mixed into a vanilla cake-flavored base. As is Milk Bar’s MO, the birthday cake flavor is meant to taste like from-a-box funfetti cake, and it does. What it doesn’t taste like is actual vanilla cake. The chunks of frosting mixed in were startling to come across; at first I thought they were bits of ice cream that had frozen unevenly. 

Milk Bar Pie: This is the only flavor actually described as vanilla, with swirls of Milk Bar Pie filling (similar to a chess pie, made with tons of butter, sugar, and eggs) and crushed toasted oat crust in a deep vanilla base. The brown butter flavor really shines through. 

Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow: This is the flavor most like other ice creams I’ve had. It’s a recognizable cookie dough ice cream with melted marshmallows, chocolate flavored chunks, and a cornflake crunch. The flavor notes of browned butter and vanilla made this pint taste a bit like the Milk Bar Pie. While I liked the cookie dough flavor, I did have trouble identifying the melted marshmallow, and the cornflake crunch was not well distributed. 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Crunch: This pint is made of peanut butter chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookie crumbs and fudgy chocolate cookie batter. The peanut butter used in the swirl is crunchy and a little salty, which diversifies the texture and flavor of the pint. I hesitate to call this a true chocolate ice cream, though. The fudgy chocolate swirl adds a rich chocolate taste when you get a bite of it, but the base flavor is a true peanut-butter-chocolate blend.

Gingerbread House: Milk Bar also released a seasonal flavor, gingerbread ice cream with gingerbread cookie crunch, candy gems, and icing swirls. The ginger flavor is present, is overshadowed by the sweetness of the icing swirls. However, I loved the gingerbread cookie crunch – it tasted like the holidays.

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