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A few months after Toneisha Brantley moved to Guam, her husband nudged her to make popsicles.

“He was like, ‘Make some popsicles.’ And I was like, “No, I’m good,’” Brantley said.

But the next day, Brantley woke up early, feeling charged up and ready to create. She decided to make some popsicles that day.

“I had made mango and pineapple and I put a Granny Smith apple in there and some ginger,” the mother of three said. “They were so pretty.”

Brantley’s popsicle masterpiece was almost too pretty to eat, which meant it would be perfect to post on Facebook.

“I was like, ‘You know what, I’m just going to go ahead and put myself out there.’ … I didn’t know the response that I was going to get here in Guam. I was just a little shocked,” she said.

Brantley’s post triggered a deluge of responses, most of which came from residents wanting to know how they could buy a sweet treat for themselves.

Brantley’s post last month might have been Guam’s introduction to her culinary creations, but Brantley has been perfecting recipes for her business, DreamersLove Sweet Treats, since 2018. While she was living in the States, Brantley started making and selling homemade popsicles and ice cream without sugar or dairy products.

Using a combination of frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables, Brantley dreams up eye-catching iced treats featuring refreshing, mouth-watering flavors. Her top seller is the “Remix” popsicle which has strawberry, ginger, raspberry and pineapple. Another top-selling popsicle is one called “Did You Know” which includes … beets.

DreamersLove Sweet Treats launched after Brantley invested in a tricycle food trolley.

She didn’t exactly know what she’d use the tricycle for when she bought it, but she was captivated nonetheless.

Brantley started experimenting in her kitchen and decided to make popsicles.

“I love sweets, but I don’t like artificial flavors,” Brantley said. The excessively sweet taste of mass-produced frozen treats was something Brantley wanted to avoid, so she made her popsicles without sugar.

“And then I started adding vegetables,” she said. “My kids — I buy vegetables, right? They don’t eat them and they just let them rot. But I figured if I can put them in something they like, then they would eat them instead of me wasting money.”

After she experimented with different fruit and veggie combos, Brantley took her new tricycle and her popsicle menu to a weekend market in Arizona. Her tricycle, outfitted with a fresh coat of hot pink paint, held the treats, much to the delight of marketgoers who were happy to taste DreamersLove Sweet Treats popsicles. She sold regularly at the market and when the pandemic hit, she pivoted to delivering treats to customers’ doors.

Then she moved to Guam. Brantley is in the U.S. Air Force.

In the few months that Brantley’s been on island, she’s found folks who are looking for exactly what she’s providing.

Customers are often happy to find out that Brantley doesn’t add any sugar.

“They were like, ‘This is a great treat.’ Because you know, we have a lot of people, they’re diabetic here. And they can’t have the treats that they used to have,” she said.

She takes orders through Facebook, Instagram or email and delivers. DreamersLove Sweet Treats is also available for events.

She’s had people order individual popsicles, or order in bulk and she’s had popsicle orders for parent-teacher meetings and birthday parties. She hopes to launch a partnership with a yet-to-be disclosed business early next year where her sweet treats will be more readily available, Brantley said.

As she expands her operation, Brantley is eyeing a possible storefront of her own and she’s also looking to incorporate Guam’s local fruits and vegetables in her popsicle and ice cream recipes.

“I am going to be experimenting with different ones here. Because you guys’ fruit is just exotic,” she said. “I’m excited and I can’t wait.”

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