Cavill’s Best Superman Return Is What Happened Between Man of Steel & BvS

Henry Cavill wants to solidify Superman’s hopefulness, and a great way to do this would be to show him between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Henry Cavill is eager to continue as Superman, and a movie showing his adventures between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice could be just the way for him to return to the role. Cavill’s future as Superman has been a big question mark for several years after the failure of Justice League in theaters, but the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League has significantly re-energized enthusiasm for his portrayal of the Man of Steel. While no definitive plans have yet been made for when and where Cavill might next portray Superman, Cavill himself has a few ideas to further explore the character.


Cavill has emphasized his desire to show Superman’s heroism and the symbol of hope that he embodies. While Cavill making cameos in future DC movies could be part of what he’s suggesting, with Black Adam potentially setting up Dwayne Johnson’s long-teased Black Adam vs. Superman showdown, it’s unlikely that Superman simply making minor appearances is the scope of what he has in mind. Cavill’s words in his GQ interview, where he shared his desire to show Superman as “the true symbol of hope, the beacon of light, before we went down the path of darkness, and then redemption” (referencing the Knightmare plotline of Zack Snyder’s unmade Justice League sequels) could also suggest he’s interested in doing another Superman solo movie. As fate would have it, there’s a specific timeframe in the DCEU that could perfectly fit where Cavill wants to take Superman next.

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A new Superman movie devoted to the time between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman could be the ideal place for Cavill to return as the Last Son of Krypton. While there are a few reasons for why, the structure of both previous films is a major factor. Additionally, the significance of Superman’s resurrection seen in the Snyder Cut could also be highlighted by showing some of his adventures before his heroic death in Batman v Superman. Here’s why a Superman movie set between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman could be the perfect way for Henry Cavill to return as Superman.

There’s A Lot of Cavill’s Superman Story That Hasn’t Been Seen

Henry Cavill Superman Batman v Superman

After its introduction showing the murder of the Waynes and the Metropolis battle recap, Batman v Superman takes place eighteen months after the events of Man of Steel. This setting already necessitates that a great deal of Clark’s time on Earth since donning his suit and becoming Superman hasn’t been seen. The movie itself also hints at just how much Superman has been helping the world with a collection of newspaper clippings in the home of Wallace O’Keefe (Scoot McNairy) showing headlines of Superman saving people and preventing disasters.

That year and a half period represents a big window to show more of the adventures of Cavill’s Superman between his first major battle with Michael Shannon’s extremely determined General Zod and Lex Luthor’s scheming that led to Superman’s death. In fact, going back in time to show Superman’s next story could actually be the ideal way to show the hope that Cavill wants his character to inspire. A big reason for this lies in Superman being a polarizing presence on Earth after his initial arrival.

How This Period Could Show Superman As A Symbol Of Hope

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

In Batman v Superman, the Man of Steel’s existence drives constant debate after the cataclysmic Metropolis battle and the kind of power Superman single-handedly wields. While many people around the world distrust Superman’s intentions, most notably Ben Affleck’s grizzled and cynical version of Batman, the film also clearly shows that just as many look to Superman as a symbol of hope in a dark world. This is shown in moments like Superman being looked to as a demi-god in the Day of the Dead scene and responding to the desperation of a woman trapped atop her flooded house, displaying that many people still believe that he’s a force for good.

Lois Lane herself also tries to raise Clark’s spirit after the capitol bombing by pointing out that the ‘S’ on Superman’s chest is “all some people have.” Despite his many critics, Superman has inspired and given hope to countless people around the world in both movies, and emphasizing this could be the key to what Cavill wants to show with Kal-El. Furthermore, it could also deepen the overall impact of his story so far.

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How This Would Add To Superman’s Resurrection

Superman stops Steppenwolf's axe with his shoulder in ZSJL

After sacrificing himself to stop the Kryptonian beast known as Doomsday, the world collectively mourns Superman, with the remaining hostility towards his presence evaporating. Superman is revived by his fellow heroes in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and triumphantly arrives in time to stop Steppenwolf. While Superman was already put to the test on an existential level in Batman v Superman, going back in time to before his death could add to the impact of his return. This could, for instance, be heightened by using a character like Bizarro as the villain of the story, contrasting Superman against an enemy who is his literal opposite to show him battling against everything he’s not in both Bizarro and his fellow Kryptonians under Zod’s leadership.

With Superman being viewed with hostility and in Bruce Wayne’s case paranoia, his greatest fight was in convincing mankind en masse that he’s on Earth to help. As Cavill also explained in the GQ interview, Clark was making the decision to try to be a hero knowing that the world might not accept him. It ultimately cost him his life for the world to see his selfless intentions, but many people were already convinced that he wasn’t to be feared. With Superman’s uplifting impact on the people who believed in him from the start, the emotional impact of his return would be even greater, both for the audience and for the characters on screen. Superman’s resurrection might give the entire world renewed hope now that all of humanity reveres him as a hero, but for those who always did, there’d be nothing more affirming for their faith in him.

The fallout of the initial release of Justice League left a big mess to be cleaned up, with multiple DCEU cast members being left with dim prospects in continuing in the role. With The Flash marking a Batman return for Ben Affleck being as unexpected a development as it was (along with speculation he may appear in Batgirl), there’s little reason to think Henry Cavill continuing as Superman is out of the question. Since the release of the Snyder Cut, the possibility of it is significantly greater. Though Cavill has since gained much acclaim for his role as Geralt of Rivia on Netflix’s The Witcher, his enthusiasm for playing Superman clearly remains as strong as ever. While there are numerous possibilities for where that future could take him, a look into the past showing Cavill’s Superman between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman could well be the best way to emphasize the hope of Superman that Cavill can portray and that he wishes to showcase, as even when much of the world distrusted him, Kal-El was always “just a guy trying to do the right thing“.

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