Cocoa export on hold over unrest at major depots

Cocoa is a key export commodity for Ghana Cocoa is a key export commodity for Ghana

Cocoa carriers at Kumasi depot have laid down their tools

Ghana and Ivory Coast account for almost 60% of world supplies for cocoa beans

Workers call for salary concerns to be addressed

There are fears that cocoa beans that are expected to be exported through Ghana’s main cocoa trading centres, risk being left to rot as operations have been suspended at the Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) depot of Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

According to an Asaase News report, cocoa carriers of the depot are protesting against the management of the company and its associates over failure on their part to address wages and other concerns.

Raymond Abagna, leader of the protest group, told the news portal all efforts to get management to heed their concerns have proved futile.

“The management is aware. We have written a letter to them more than a month now. They have not responded to us.”

“We are not only protesting in Kumasi but Tema is also included, Takoradi – all the three centres in Ghana where there are cocoa carriers, [we] are protesting,” Abagna added.

The leader of the group however indicated that should their concerns not be addressed, government will be left to bear the brunt.

“The effect is that government will suffer … because it will affect most of the public workers, police, soldiers, because they are being paid through cocoa money,” he concluded.

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