Cocoa ingredients trends to watch in 2022

Christopher Stewart, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Olam Food Ingredients (ofi), ​told ConfectioneryNews environmental sustainability is increasingly high on the agenda across industry.

The extreme weather events of 2021 have shown the urgency of action to protect our planet. It’s also brought climate and sustainability issues to the front of consumers’ minds. We’re seeing more and more consumers taking an interest in where their food has come from and the impact it has had in the process. People are looking for food products that can tell a positive story, both in terms of their environmental impact, and the impact on the farmers and farming communities who have helped produce it. The ultimate goal has to be sustainable innovation: coming up with products that are nutritious, delicious and sustainable. All of this is summed up through our new corporate purpose ‘To be the change for good food and a healthy future’,​” he said.  

ofi’s 2022 cocoa trends include the following:

 1. Putting planet on pack

2021 has seen climate change issues placed centre stage. Consumers growing more concerned about the planet will favour brands who can point to the environmental benefits of their products. As a result, we’ll see brands providing greater transparency in carbon and environmental labelling. This year, ofi launched its first cocoa ingredient to disclose its carbon and water footprint on pack: deZaan Quito Oro Cocoa Mass Drops. We’re also taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, from training farmers in climate-smart agriculture to investing in renewable energy in our global processing facilities.

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