Inaugural Cocoa Crawl Event at Red Bank RiverCenter

Red Bank RiverCenter Kicks Off First-Ever Cocoa Crawl Event

The Red Bank RiverCenter is set to host its first-ever Red Bank Cocoa Crawl, a unique event aimed at beating the winter blues. The event invites attendees to sip on cocoa-flavored specialty beverages while they explore and shop in the downtown area. The Cocoa Crawl is about more than just warm, comforting drinks. It also includes a variety of cocoa-inspired offerings from local eateries and merchants.

A Celebration of Local Commerce and Cocoa

The Cocoa Crawl is not just about indulging in chocolatey delights. It is also a celebration of local commerce. The event is an opportunity for residents and visitors to support local businesses and contribute to the economic vitality of Red Bank. As they enjoy their cocoa beverages, participants can explore the wide variety of products and services offered by local businesses.

Aligning with National Use Your Gift Card Day

The Cocoa Crawl coincides with National Use Your Gift Card Day, which falls on January 20. This serves as a perfect occasion for attendees to use their Red Bank Bucks digital gift cards as they shop and stroll around downtown. The combination of the Cocoa Crawl and National Use Your Gift Card Day creates a unique synergy, encouraging the use of gift cards to support local businesses while enjoying a festive, cocoa-filled experience.

Cocoa Crawl: A Festive Experience

The inaugural Red Bank Cocoa Crawl aims to create a festive atmosphere. It offers a delightful experience for those looking to indulge in chocolatey treats while enjoying the joy of shopping. The event, with its blend of cocoa and commerce, promises a unique, warm, and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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