Artist brings creativity and coffee to courthouse square

Self-described country girl Linda Lewis is bringing her love of art and her skill as a sculptor to Henrietta, Texas.

She recently opened her business, The Vine Coffee Bar, on the courthouse square in space shared with the Clay County Leader newspaper.

Linda Lewis is a sculptor who has opened a coffee bar and art studio in Henrietta. Her business features coffees and breakfast items as well as space for creative arts and art classes. Future plans include a wine bar and possibly a foundry.

“What I’m doing is, I’m bringing what I’ve learned, what I’ve been taught, sculpting and foundry work, and using what I’ve made to bring it back to the country, because I am a country girl and this is where I wanted to bring my son,” said Lewis.

“Henrietta is a great place, these places out here, this is where we want to be and where I wanted my son to finish his high school years up,” she said.   

Linda Lewis shows the tabletop covered with dozens of black and white newspaper photographs in the studio space of her new coffee bar and creative space. The location shares office space with the Clay County Leader newspaper.

The endeavor features a coffee shop and creative arts studio where she can teach art and sculpture. Future plans include a wine bar and possibly a foundry for bronze casting.

The Vine Coffee Bar opened last week on the square in Henrietta. The business also features space for an art studio and art classes.

A location in Bowie is slated to open early next year. She added, “I’ll be teaching sculpting, painting, we’ll have kids’ classes, we’ll also have some welding classes, and foundry classes.”  

Lewis has operated a fine arts program and foundry in Grapevine, Texas for several years and recently completed a large-scale national monument sculpture titled, The Peace Circle. The public art installation features 11 bronze statues standing 1.25 times life size, representing Republic of Texas President Sam Houston and Native American chiefs/captains from the Delaware, Chickasaw, Waco, Tawakoni, Keechi, Caddo, Anadarko, Ioni, Biloxi and Cherokee nations in 1843.

Linda Lewis talks about her bronze sculpture of an owl. Lewis has opened a creative arts studio and coffee bar on the square in Henrietta. Future plans include a wine bar.

The coffee bar has been busy with its convenient location and offers a variety of coffees, espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, frappes, specialty teas and seasonal drinks. The décor is festive with holiday trappings and goods for sale, including some from local artisans.

Linda Lewis, owner of The Vine Coffee Bar, talks about the half-tone printing plates depicting numerous Henrietta residents who had been published in the Clay County Leader newspaper. Her business occupies part of the newspaper's former office space which she will use to teach art classes, sculpture and may include a wine bar.

Lewis also has purchased vintage manual typewriters and wants to demonstrate the old-style letterpress method of printing using some of the newspapers’ retired equipment.

A printer's cabinet in the former office space of The Clay County Leader newspaper contains vintage letterpress type characters. Linda Lewis has opened a coffee bar and art studio in the space, located o the courthouse square in Henrietta.

Lewis is eager to share her 20 years of experience and plans to offer individual sculpting lessons for children and adults and mentions the therapeutic qualities of the hands-on practice.

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