Coffee & Chocolate in Knoxville expands to Emory Road in Powell

Air-brushed chocolates don’t just happen.

At Coffee & Chocolate, which opened in Powell at 3531 W. Emory Road in November, it comes from a French-Canadian chocolatier who lives in Indiana.

Sharif Harb wants nothing but the best for his business.

“I believe that people will pay a little extra for a quality product,” said Harb, a 1995 Central High School graduate. “We go out of our way to use quality products for what we make.”

What Harb and his staff make − from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week − is coffee and chocolate.

Sharif Harb is thrilled to open his second Coffee & Chocolate, this time in Powell. His family knows how to satisfy cravings.

“Those were two of my favorite things,” Harb said. “The name was easy to come up with. Who isn’t going to stop in and give our coffee and chocolate a try?”

Customers have a choice of single-orchard coffees: Guatemalan (a medium, flavorful blend), Ethiopian (medium, smaller bean) or Sumatra (dark roast).

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