Emilie’s Coffee House and Wine Bar officially opens in Avon Lake

Emilie Stack prepares a cup of coffee for a customer at Emilie’s Coffee House and Wine Bar, 457 Avon Belden Road in Avon Lake, on Jan. 4. (Martin McConnell — The Morning Journal)

After working three jobs her senior year at Avon Lake High School, Emilie Stack, 19, decided she wanted to take her passion for coffee a step further.

Working with her parents, Erin and Brian Stack, the youngest of the four Stack children pitched the idea of opening her own Cup of Joe shop called Emilie’s Coffee House and Wine Bar.

On Dec. 28, that idea finally became a reality for Stack in the form of a soft opening.

Business really picked up after the turn of the year, creating a new hotspot for Avon Lakers craving caffeine, she said.

“It’s insane,” Stack said. “It’s been nuts, in a really good way.

“We just did not expect it to be like this. People from our grade, from college, have all been in here.”

Emilie’s Coffee House and Wine Bar, 457 Avon Belden Road in Avon Lake, officially opened on Dec. 28. (Martin McConnell — The Morning Journal)

Built on the site of an old Huntington Bank location, the crew at Emilie’s Coffee House kept the stainless steel vault door as part of the shop’s decor.

The vault also was hollowed out, and repurposed, Erin Stack said.

“This sat vacant for six years,” she said of the location. “I think a large part of that was people couldn’t figure out how to use (the vault).

“It’s so centrally located in this space that unless you were a bank, what were you going to do with it?”

The menu at the coffee house showcases a series of rotating specialty drinks, along with a steady selection of old favorites which will be available all year.

Specifically, Emilie Stack touted the cafe’s gingerbread latte, which will be available throughout the holiday season.

As for the wine bar section of Emilie’s Coffee House and Wine Bar, Erin Stack said that there may be a bit of a wait.

As of Jan. 4, Emilie Stack was unwilling to put an estimated time on getting the bar portion ready.

“We applied for our license, we’re waiting on that,” she said. “I think it’s been sort of a blessing, the way it worked out.

“Let’s start, let’s get this coffee shop up and running … get these kinks figured out, all the processes and everything figured out.”

The coffee shop is far from a one-woman show, according to Emilie Stack.

Through just a few days, the staff at the business has become a well-oiled coffee making machine, she said.

“Everybody’s really picked up everything really quick,” Emilie Stack said of her staff. “I feel like we all just got kind of thrown into it.

“We had one day of training with everybody, and everybody picked up everything so good.”

Emilie Stack said she wanted to stay close to home when building out her idea for the shop.

“I think this specific spot, it just happened,” she said. “But, I always wanted to have something in my hometown.

“If I was going to go close to home, this was the kind of location I wanted. I didn’t want to go anywhere further.”

Erin Stack said the customer turnout for the first few days was stunning.

The cafe has blown past more than triple its expected sales numbers for the first week, she said.

“The west side of Cleveland doesn’t have stuff like this; I feel like it’s a missing piece,” Erin Stack said. “I think that’s also shown in the turnout we’ve had.”

As the shop moves past its first week, the staff hopes to continue their business success.

Emilie Stack said she is blown away by the amount of support she has received so far, and is eager to see where the cafe goes in the future.

“I just appreciate all the support, and everyone continuing to come back, and all the great comments we’ve received,” she said.

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