Espresso Singer Sabrina Carpenter Is Releasing An Espresso Ice Cream

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past for the past three months (or are a late-stage Millennial), you’ve no doubt heard the coffee-themed song of the summer. I’m of course talking about the chart-topping hit that is Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter. If you haven’t heard it—presumably because you are 40, where new music consists of 20th anniversary re-masters of your favorite albums—here you go.

It’s a jam, a bop, a banger.

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Well prepare yourself for a little Sabrina synesthesia, as the pop singer has teamed up with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for a limited-edition espresso flavored ice cream.

As reported by People, Carpenter first made the announcement via an Instagram story over the weekend, where she gave her followers a first glimpse at the lilac-colored pint, adorned with her image from the single’s cover art. Inside, the espresso-flavored ice cream has a chocolate swirl, though what the exact flavor is has yet to be made public; Van Leeuwen has yet announce the limited release nor is it currently anywhere on their website. But per Carpenter’s post, the Espresso ice cream will be available for purchase starting Friday, June 28th.

sabrina carptener ice cream
via Sabrina Carpenter on Instagram

Carpenter’s ice cream announcement comes just a few short days after the news that her sixth studio album, Short N’ Sweet, will be released in late August (which will have Espresso). She’s also released the non-coffee related follow-up to Espresso, titled Please Please Please along with the official music video featuring boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

So if you perhaps find Espresso the pop song to be a little too saccharine for your tastes, perhaps Espresso the pop song the ice cream may be more up your alley. I mean, it’s basically a really cold latte, just with the percentage makeup of coffee, milk, and sugar turned on its head.

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