Shedeur Sanders Accidentally Spills Coffee on CU Buffs Staffer’s Face

The Colorado Buffaloes quarterback sensation, Shedeur Sanders made a blunder. Yes, the son of the perfectionist, Coach Prime made a mistake. It is not about anything related to the game but Shedeur spilled coffee on the coach. Yes, you read that right, hot coffee on the coach was no less than a thunder-blunder.

As captured by the YouTube channel, “Well Off Media”, while the quarterback was engaged in the spring practice the coach ensured to get back to Shedeur. However, the player had no clue about what he did. Surprisingly, the coach did not take any offense to Shedeur’s action and a light-hearted conversation then followed.  

Shedeur’s buttery fingers cost him lightly


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Shedeur Sanders and company have hardly any time to catch their breath now that Black and Gold Day is knocking at the door. The Buffs have hit the training session in full fledge with Deion Sanders watchful eyes constantly following them. Amidst the surveillance by Coach Prime, his son took a misstep. Knowingly or unknowingly, he spilled coffee on the coach. Letting Shedeur know about what he did, the coach pointed out, “Bro you know that was hot coffee right..what you mean now you ain’t see me behind you when you putting on your shirt. That coffee I never experienced that like that was like I was what happened the whole coffee went in my face.”

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What followed was Shedeur’s instant apology as he quickly confessed to his mistake and pleaded, “How bad did it hurt? My bad”. However, the coach instead of brooding on the quarterback’s deed added a touch of humor to the situation. Pointing out where it hurts on his face, he mockingly stated, “I going to have a whole Sanders click”. While Shedeur and his brother Shilo are sweating off during the training session, in their off time they are making good use of social media. 


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Shilo and Shedeur’s joint plan 

The Buffaloes quarterback and his cornerback brother have come up with a master plan of putting Instagram to ultimate use. What is referred to as a wild time in Colorado, Shilo and Shedeur are recruiting players in the NCAA transfer portal over Instagram. The cornerback’s latest Instagram story says, “DEFENSE TRANSFERS DM ME  OFFENSE TRANSFERS DM @SHEDEURSANDERS”. Beneath the caption, there was a follow-up message written in brackets that said, “THIS NOT LAST CHANCE U”


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Through the last part of the message, Shilo hinted at a documentary series that tracked the journey of the football players who overcame serious adversities to play junior college football. The time ahead will be challenging for the Deion Sanders’ Buffaloes since with every passing day they are losing players who are hitting the transfer portal. Going by the reports, the program is ranked sixth in Division I-A with eighteen 3-stars and seven 4-star recruits en route.

To revitalize the process of recruitment Shedeur and Shilo have taken up this sincere initiative. What propels them with this action is the hope for a better 2024 season which begins August 31 against North Dakota State. 

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