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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Owner “Kate” Hanh Nguyen opened Viet House Coffee & Tea in West Monroe after realizing there was no place that served authentic Vietnamese coffee. It was something she remembers from her childhood.

“I come from a family that drinks coffee every morning; even on the street, you would see coffee shops sitting right next to coffee shops,” said Nguyen.

One customer, Amanda Campbell was excited when she saw it under construction passing by as she was heading home.

“When I finally saw it was open, like as soon as I saw it was open, I was like, we’re going turn around. It’s open,” said Campbell.

As she walked in, she realized it was all cold coffee; she was not a fan. Then, she decided to give it a try.

"Kate" Hanh Nguyen opened Viet House as something close to her heart coming from her childhood...
“Kate” Hanh Nguyen opened Viet House as something close to her heart coming from her childhood in Vietnam. Now she brings the flavors and fun she experienced to West Monroe. The Evergreen Vietnamese Coffee is a unique blend with flavors of matcha and coffee that is something worth giving a try.(KNOE)

“I tried a Purplelicious. Anytime somebody comes in here and says, I don’t know what to get. Do you like sweet? Like coffee?” said Campbell. “Get a Purplelicious.”

They not only have coffee but also offer other fun options, like bubble waffles, Asian bingsu what we call shaved ice. But this is not your typical shaved ice. They also offer the Very Berry Boba Tea with a blast of berry flavor.

If you want to try something truly unique, one new coffee menu item is the Amanda, something created by Campbell herself after trying some of the options and finding her own flavor, or you can create a unique flavor of your own.

“Can I get the cocoa cloud? I want blue Curaçao in my foam, and I want some cinnamon on top,“ said Campbell. ”Yeah, sure, no problem.”

Find out about other fun and unique items offered on their menu and more in this installment of Feed Your Soul.

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