Columbus Dispatch’s anniversary whiskey, coffee, shirts on sale

For the past several months, The Dispatch has been celebrating its 150th year serving Columbus with historical stories, new events and lookbacks at our long tenure.

Now, we’re giving you a chance to join in on the commemoration. We worked with local partners to find ways to celebrate the occasion and for all of us to give something to the community.

Columbus Dispatch columnist (from left) Ted Decker, sports reporter Adam Jardy and reporter Micah Walker model the new 150th Anniversary Columbus Dispatch tee-shirt.

State of Devotion T-shirt company developed a special shirt with the iconic Dispatch neon sign, Stauf’s Coffee Roasters put together a flavorful “Dispatch Deadline Dark Roast” coffee blend that will go perfectly with your morning news reading, and Middle West Spirits produced Dispatch@150 single-barrel, cask-strength whiskey to celebrate the founding of The Dispatch in 1871.

Middle West Spirits produced special Dispatch@150 single-barrel whiskey to celebrate the founding of the newspaper in 1871.

Anyone interested in all three of those offerings can order a gift set that includes a T-shirt, bag of coffee and bottle of whiskey.

A portion of the proceeds from this special collection will go to the Mid-Ohio Food Collective to support its mission of feeding those in need in Greater Columbus.

State of Devotion T-shirts are now on sale, as are the gift bundle and whiskey bottles on Middle West Spirits’ website.

Dispatch Deadline Dark Roast coffee will be available online.

Stauf’s Dispatch Deadline Dark Roast will go on sale online in the coming days and and at their in-store locations. While supplies last, you’ll receive a Dispatch coffee mug with each Stauf’s purchase. 

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