Columnist’s silver lining not so silver

Letter to the Editor

Mr. Milliken’s silver linings (column, Jan. 4) are pretty depressing.

The ice caps that he imagines are not melting are, in fact, melting. Polar bears are not doing just fine. His economic good news is correct, but I’m sure he will contradict himself the next time he wants to criticize Democrats. Oh, wait, he did that before the end of the paragraph!

But worst of all are his comments about COVID. He almost celebrates the arrival of the omicron variant. He hopes it will produce herd immunity. It just might, after it culls the herd. Thousands will unnecessarily die before that happens.

The real silver linings in the COVID cloud are immunizations and precautions. He doesn’t mention those and, if anything, he opposes them.

I have two family members who are vulnerable. Being vaxxed to the max and other careful precautions are their only hope. Kind of makes me wish Mr. Milliken would be quiet and go away.

Robert W. Smith


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