Cookie Run Kingdom Adds Cocoa Cookie

The mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom announces that it is adding Cocoa Cookie into the game as a playable character.

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There are plenty of popular mobile online games out there, and one of them is Cookie Run Kingdom. Cookie Run Kingdom is an action-RPG where players jump into a fantasy world inhabited by intelligent gingerbread cookies of many types.

Cookie Run Kingdom is developed and published by the South Korean company Devsisters, and it is the sixth game in the Cookie Run franchise. Like other video games, Cookie Run Kingdom has introduced its share of new content to coincide with seasonal holidays. Now that it’s December, the developers of Cookie Run Kingdom are preparing the game and its players for the winter season with a new update that will add a new character to the game.


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Yesterday, Devsisters announced that Cocoa Cookie, a character from the main Cookie Run series, will be joining Cookie Run Kingdom’s roster of playable characters as part of the 12.8 update. Cocoa Cookie’s voice actresses include South Korean actress Bak Sin-hee who voiced Yoimiya from Genshin Impact, Japanese actress Yurika Kubo who voiced Hanayo Koizumi from the anime Love Live!, and English voice actress Kody Kavitha known for voicing Samosa from the cartoon Apple & Onion.

Cocoa Cookie will be a defense character in Cookie Run Kingdom, and her default position will be in the front. Cocoa Cookie’s addition to the game also came with a trailer for the character that shows off some of her gameplay. The trailer is voiced in Korean, but it does provide English subtitles for viewers to follow the dialogue in the video.

The trailer starts with a bit of a story for Cocoa Cookie’s introduction, showing that she was invited by the character Mint Choco Cookie, who was asked by the Kingdom Philharmonic to play in their upcoming winter concert. From there the trailer shows off some of Cocoa Cookie’s gameplay, which involves using a healing ability to restore other characters’ health. It also shows Cocoa Cookie summoning a giant cup of hot cocoa that has a spin attack she can use against multiple enemies at once.

The trailer then concludes by showing off one additional costume that players can select for Cocoa Cookie in the game. It doesn’t show if there are other costumes available in Cookie Run Kingdom for her, or if that is the only one that players can customize her with. There will also be three new events as part of the 12.8 update for Cookie Run Kingdom, such as Lucky Holiday Ribbon, Mint Choco Cookie’s Winter Concert, and Bake The Holiday Cake.

Cookie Run Kingdom is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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