HomeGoods Is Selling a Cute Corn-on-the-Cob Stool You’ll Want Like a Bushel Of

Maximalist spaces are often filled with colorful, quirky decor and furniture, but one-of-a-kind pieces can be hard to come by if you’re not antique shopping or thrifting. If your space needs a pop of color and personality, HomeGoods has a stool that’s perfect for a vanity or children’s room, and just a little bit … corny.

A stylish corn-on-the-cob stool was spotted at HomeGoods in mid-December for $69 and has since made the rounds on TikTok, where people are rushing into stores to purchase it. “Consider yourself BLESSED,” one person commented on thrift-fluencer Aarica Nichole’s TikTok. With a decent-sized chunk “bitten” out of the side, the stool is a must-have for anyone that enjoys faux-food decor.

Food-shaped stools aren’t a new thing for HomeGoods. The retailer has created a variety of culinary decor that look a little too appetizing to be used for seating. They’ve sold strawberry and lemon stools, alongside other fruits (pineapple, kiwi, and orange) to create a veritable fruit salad.  Urban Outfitters has also sold a corn stool, although at a higher price point.

If your local HomeGoods doesn’t have the corn stool, there’s a similar one on Amazon for $140. Although it’s double the price, the item’s one five-star review ensures that it’s worth the price (plus the photo left from the reviewer might make you laugh!).

Corn Stool Chair

Corn Stool Chair

Corn Stool Chair


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This stool might be a corny purchase, but it’ll be an a-maize-ing addition to any space.

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