“Not just Cows and Corn” New reality show features Nebraska

Follows a group’s journey through America’s great outdoors

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The state is set to make its debut on Discovery Channel’s “RV There Yet?” next year.

The show follows a group’s road trip from Florida to South Dakota.

They’ll be mountain biking, hiking, and gourmet RV cooking as they show off some of our state’s best parks.

The list includes Arbor Lodge State Historical Park, Platte River State Park, and Chadron State Park.

This comes as both state and national parks have seen record visitors in recent years.

Throughout the pandemic numbers have jumped as many other entertainment options were forced to close.

Nebraska will first turn up in episode 2 on January 8th, which is titled “Not just Cows and Corn.”

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