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Now is the time to review the 2021 corn grain and soybean test results.

Extension agronomist Hanna Wells explains that for corn grain, data were analyzed from 11 test locations across the state of Pennsylvania.

These locations were chosen within four growing zones. Maturities across these zones range from 85 to 118 days relative maturity.

These reports provide individual grain yield results from each county, as well as combined grain yield results from three to four locations. This year 10 seed companies participated with a total of 85 hybrids.

Results are available in Excel and PDF formats at

For soybeans, data were analyzed from two locations in the state. These locations are in two growing zones, one in Centre County and one in Lancaster County. Maturities ranged from 2.1 to 4.3.

Centre and Lancaster counties offer data for full-season soybeans. Lancaster County also has data for double-crop soybeans. There was a total of 90 hybrids from 11 different seed companies.

Results are available in Excel and PDF formats at


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