Cotton Candy Maggi is a Legit Food Combo Now, Would you Try it?

Maggi is not food anymore. Since the advent of social media and the existence of food vloggers on it, Maggi has become a meagre ingredient, or a base dish, if you will, that fosters myriad experiments. Our beloved two-minute snack in such experiments has been scarred for life. Ranging from Fanta to Chocolate, to Milk Shake, Maggi has seen it all.

Adding to the unending list of bizarreness is the latest version of Maggi which includes cotton candy. Shared by a food vlogging page on Instagram titled ‘Eat This Delhi,’ the vlogger shows the entire recipe of Cotton Candy Maggi. In the clip, the vlogger starts heating up the pan and following the conventional steps of Maggi – Veggies, masala, water, noodle cakes.

Then enters a giant, pale white cotton candy into the frame. The vlogger plucks the strands of the cotton candy and pours it into the pan. She mixes the cotton candy, that eventually melts into the Maggi, and then serves it into the dish to have it.

The caption accompanying the clip read, “Tried Cotton Candy Maggi. Kya Duniya Accept Karegi Mujhe Ki Nahi? (Will the world accept me or not?).” Well, we would like you to answer this question, but first, watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has garnered more than 4 lakh views and almost 16,000 likes. While some netizens found the clip and the recipe it contained irksome, some were very curious to know how the Maggi tasted.

One user wrote, “Aesthetic way to make ‘Cheeni Vaali Maggi’ without offending FSI standards.” Another wrote, “We need to see the real reaction,” implying that the vlogger did not show the real reaction after trying the Cotton Candy Maggi out. One user asked if the Maggi tasted sweet, and confessed that he had never heard about this version of Maggi.

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