Boosting U.S. Organic Cotton: Texas A&M’s $3.5 million dollar project targets growth

The demand for organic cotton is on the rise in the U.S., yet domestic production falls short, relying heavily on imports.

To help address this gap, a Texas A&M Agri Life Research project, funded by a USDA grant, aims to analyze challenges and opportunities for U.S. organic cotton growers.
The study seeks to empower producers by enhancing yields, productivity, and sustainability while transitioning more acreage into organic production.

The project also hopes to identify alternatives to synthetic herbicides for weed control.

The looming shortage of drought-resistant hybrids adds a new layer of complexity to the challenges already faced by farmers.

Looking ahead, the USDA’s National Crop Progress and Condition Reports are set to resume weekly distribution in April. Here’s a look at where winter wheat crops stand now at the beginning of 2024.

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