Cotton Consultants Kick Off Beltwide

The Consultants Conference kicked off three days of Beltwide Cotton Conferences Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas.

Louisiana consultant Hank Jones says the committee works to include lots of topics of interest to cotton consultants. “We try to cover a wide range of topics and certainly we want to stay current, and want to address topics that are going to provide value for us and our customers,” said Jones. Some of those topics this year included new cottonseed varieties and how to best manage them, new technology and products, and a regulatory update on the Endangered Species Act.

Interview with Hank Jones, cotton consultant 6:31

The conference also included a panel discussion about Bayer’s ThryvOn Technology, the first biotech trait for tarnished plant bug and thrips species, which was fully approved for commercial use in 2023.

Arkansas cotton consultant Tyler Hydrik says it has been very successful. “It has completely eliminated the need to spray for thrips and I think we can cut back on plant bug applications as well,” said Hydrik. “Overall, I think everybody’s really happy with it and the percent of acres that it’s going to take up in ’24 is definitely going to increase.”

Listen to the interview with Hydrik and panel discussion to learn more.

Interview with Tyler Hydrik, cotton consultant 4:49

Consultants Conference Thryvon panel
2024 BWCC Thryvon panel 47:42

2024 Beltwide Cotton Conferences Photo Album

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