Cotton Industry Update: An increase in acreage, but a decline in mills

Despite weather concerns, cotton planting is expected to increase by 4% this year, totaling to over ten million acres.

Dr. Seth Meyer, Chief USDA Economist, says even with the recent perk in prices, he doesn’t see that being the reason for the growth.

“Margins for cotton are going to be as tight as anything. Any other crops as well too, but I think we do see the fact that we know are looking at some locations in the southeast saying they are going to plant some additional acres. It’s not a move in Texas area planted there is actually expected to be down a little bit. But when we think about Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, some other places are showing up in the Big 5 states, showing some decent year over year increases. “

Dr. Seth Meyer, USDA Chief Economist

The increase in predicted acreage comes as Bloomberg reports what they call an unrelenting and accelerating decline for manufacturing demand. In 1893, there were nearly 900 cotton mills in the U.S. Now that number is around 100, with eight closing in the last half of 2023 alone. The analyst warns with domestic textile manufacturing nearly gone, cotton farmers could have trouble finding a buyer for this year’s harvest.

As spring approaches, farmers in Minnesota face critical decisions regarding their fertilizer strategies. Here are some expert tips from the state’s extension program.

As farmers prepare for spring planting season, one of the critical factors influencing their operations is the price of diesel.

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