Eileen Fisher, Botanical Colors Upcycles Clothes with Natural Indigo

Eileen Fisher launched a collection of gently worn garments that have been overdyed with natural indigo by Botanical Colors.

The collection offers one-of-a-kind linen and cotton pieces dyed by Botanical Colors at its Seattle-based dye house. The pieces will develop a softness and patina over time that is the mark of indigo hand-dyeing.

The collection includes Eileen Fisher linen button-down shirts, pants, skirts and tanks as well as organic cotton stretch jeans, cotton slub jackets, twill pants and more. Pieces retail for $45-$155 and are available now on Eileen Fisher’s website.

Botanical Colors was founded in 2010 by Kathy Hattori, an authority on natural dyes who has developed several commercial processes using natural dye extracts in the industrial textile environment.

Botanical Colors founder Kathy Hattori.

The company supplies natural dyes made from organic, GOTS certified and food waste sources to artisans, dye houses and industrial clients. Botanical Colors provides small to high volume garment and short length piece dyeing. It works with brands to develop color recipes and custom dye effects like tie-dye and shibori. It also offers classes and educational materials to teach natural dyeing to a wider audience.

Botanical Colors’ clients include Converse, Greg Lauren, Harvest & Mill, Kata Golda, Madewell, Older Brother, BSides, LightArt and more.

The capsule collection is part of Renew, Eileen Fisher’s Renew takeback and resale program. Since launching the resale program in 2009, Eileen Fisher has collected over two million garments.

The collection spans linen tanks to cotton/stretch jeans.

Consumers can exchange their used Eileen Fisher garments (no matter what the condition is) at any U.S. Eileen Fisher or Renew store for $5 in Renew Rewards or mail garments. Eileen Fisher’s specialists sort through garments, checking for wear, stains and holes. Only garments that are in great condition are resold. The rest are recycled or transformed into art using the brand’s custom felting technique.

In honor of Earth Month this year, on April 22, Renew will take over, directing shoppers to consider purchasing a gently worn garment instead of buying new.

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