Deltapine Announces Class of ’22 Cotton Varieties

The Deltapine New Product Evaluator (NPE) Program completed its 14th season with an in-person grower summit to launch the Deltapine brand Class of ’22 cotton varieties.

“The previous two classes of Deltapine cotton varieties included a range of maturities with high yield potential and outstanding fiber quality, which raised the bar on performance in Bollgard 3 XtendFlex (B3XF) cotton, according to NPE growers,” said Keylon Gholston, Deltapine Cotton Products Manager. “The Class of ’22 certainly continues the trend of high end-performance potential.”

The Deltapine Class of ’22 includes DP 2239 B3XF, a mid-maturity Bollgard 3 XtendFlex cotton variety with outstanding fiber quality potential demonstrating the potential for improved fiber length versus DP 2038 B3XF and improved micronaire versus DP 2127 B3XF. The distinct cotton germplasm of the DP 2239 B3XF variety allows for a broad fit with consistent performance across varying growing conditions – very similar to the performance of DP 1646 B2XF.

Many NPE growers reported that DP 2239 B3XF out-yielded DP 1646 B2XF on their farms in 2021 and was very responsive to plant growth regulators, said Gholston. This variety will be available for commercial planting in 2022.

An additional product in the Deltapine Class of ’22 is DP 2211 B3TXF, an early-maturity cotton variety with Bollgard 3 ThryvOn with XtendFlex Technology (B3TXF). Pending final regulatory approvals, ThryvOn Technology will be the industry’s first biotech trait to provide protection against tarnished plant bugs and thrips species.

DP 2211 B3TXF demonstrated strong yield potential versus top-planted Deltapine Class of ’20 and Class of ’21 variety checks in 2021 NPE plots located in short-season markets.

“NPE growers wanted this variety named to the Class of ’22 because of yield performance and maturity,” said Gholston. “Demonstrating solid performance across the upper Southeast and upper Midsouth, this variety showed us in 2021 that it also has the ability to travel into southern markets and still offer stable yield potential. We believe DP 2211 B3TXF will be a solid companion product to DP 2131 B3TXF, offering growers ThryvOn Technology protection in an early maturing cotton variety.”

For the 2022 growing season, DP 2211 B3TXF and DP 2131 B3TXF will be available for planting only through the Deltapine Stewarded Ground Breakers Field Trials. Prior to commercial release, the growers and consultants managing stewarded field trials are providing important feedback on the technology, including insect scouting and agronomic management recommendations for the B3TXF varieties.

“Since we began the NPE Program in 2008, our goal has been to ensure pre-commercial variety candidates offer increased performance potential and improvement over what is currently available in a Deltapine brand seed bag,” said Gholston. “During evaluation, NPE growers must see improved performance potential, or the variety candidate will not advance. Based on the positive performance experienced among NPE growers, these two variety candidates have been chosen for the Class of ’22.”

The Deltapine NPE Program has set an industry standard for cotton variety precommercial evaluation and commercialization involving 200 large-scale plot growers representing all growing areas of the Cotton Belt. More information about the Deltapine NPE Program is available online.

Based on information provided by Deltapine


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