Desperate mum begs for help after her one-year-old spills milk all over her carpet

THEY say there’s no point crying over spilt milk.

But maybe that should be “turn to Facebook for advice if you get spilt milk on your carpet”.

A woman whose son spilt milk on the carpet asked for advice on Facebook on how to clean it up


A woman whose son spilt milk on the carpet asked for advice on Facebook on how to clean it upCredit: Getty

That’s exactly what one mum did when her son accidentally dropped a huge bottle of whole milk on her living room carpet.

Taking to the Cleaning Tips and Tricks group on Facebook, mum Angel Osei-Kissi shared a picture of the mess and wrote: “Help! 

“Left for me by my one year old… I took my eyes of him for one minute.

“How do I clean this so that my front room doesn’t end up stinking of sour milk?

“I’ve just used warm soapy water but I feel like the milk has sunk right into my carpet and I’m paranoid now.”

Cleaning fans took to the post in their droves to offer their advice, with the most widely recommended suggestion being to use bicarbonate of soda.

“Get bicarbonate soda scatter over it and let it soak in then clean it,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Bicarb & white wine vinegar! Leave it over night to soak up , this happened to ours and it started stinking we used that and got rid of the smell right away.”

Someone else commented: “Its going to smell I’m afraid. You need to use bi carb leave it over night and Hoover. . this didn’t work 100 per cent for me I then had to use white vinegar left it for hours soaking in.

“Gave it a scrub and then scrubbed it with laundry softener and it worked.”

Others were less optimistic about whether or not the bicarb would work, with one person writing: “My son done this when he was 18month we cleaned it but the smell never went it cost us a carpet and underlay.

“We had to cut the carpet up where he had spilt it while waiting for new one. Smell never fully goes when you clean it.”

Angel responded by adding that she was planning to use bicarbonate of soda overnight, and would then hire a carpet cleaning machine if that didn’t work.

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