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Diane Kruger Confirms That National Treasure 3 Was Never Going to Happen

Diane Kruger confirmed that fans shouldn’t have high hopes because there won’t be a National Treasure 3 movie. But Kruger won’t mind making her return to this hit franchise.

National Treasure released its first installment in 2004. Fans loved Diane Kruger, Nicolas Cage, and also Justin Bartha in the movie and later, a second installment was also released. But fans never got to the National Treasure 3 movie that they expected all this while.  

What’s the Truth of National Treasure?

Even after many rumors, the fans still had hope. But Diane Kruger expresses her doubt about the much-awaited sequel ever happening. 

While promoting her latest work, The 355, the Disney franchise vet was very clear that there has been no progress about this sequel even when fans believed so. The 355 can be seen in theatres on January 7th and Kruger is excited to show her performance. 

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She stated, “Ok, the truth is, no one’s ever contacted me. There was talk about it may be like right after [National Treasure: Book of Secrets] came out. There was never a script or anything, but… you know, they made a lot of money. So I’m not sure why they never did the third one.” 

The star also said, “I feel like, at this point, we’re way too old. I don’t know. I mean, I would say, ‘Never say never,’ but it’s been a minute, you know?” 

National Treasure Disney+ Series

Recently, Disney had announced bringing the National Treasure franchise to the small screen. So, fans were eager to know if their dreams are finally going to come true.

As reports say, this Disney+ Series took inspiration from the original concept but there might be bit changes. The OG writers of the movie, Marianne and even Cormac Wibberley are writing the concept for their new work.

Besides, they also have producer Jerry Bruckheimer who originally produced the wildly popular movies. This series is already at its very early stage of production and will be soon set to release. 

National Treasure 3
National Treasure 3

Last year, Jason Reed mentioned that the 3rd film was never made because the productions failed to set up parks as well as other life experiences that made the original National Treasure movies a hit.

“I tried my damnedest to get National Treasure 3 up. I love those movies. I worked on those from inception,” Reed went on to share details with Collider.

Kruger also seemed too worried about the casting since, after 15 years, the cast will not look the same. Moreover, action-packed films can harm one’s health as these roles are physically very demanding.

But on the contrary to that, we have seen many talented actors nailing their action-packed roles even when they have noticeably aged. Just like Harrison Ford who aced his role of iconic fedora in the film Indiana Jones 5.

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So, the casts may have aged like fine wine but the fans will always shower supper for National Treasure 3.

After such a big revelation that there might never be a 3rd sequel for National Treasure, the audiences may feel heartbroken. The only good thing close to National Treasure is the Disney+ series that everyone is eagerly waiting for.

So, until and unless there is a major update, it’s fair to say that you may have to kill your expectations. Let’s hope that the cast will reunite soon shortly and we can see the dream team delivering the audience with the film they have been waiting for all this while. What do you think, will there be a 3rd sequel?

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