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Did you know that a horse intended to kill the actor?


Mumbai, First Published Jan 7, 2022, 8:00 AM IST

Hollywood Actor Nicolas Cage has turned 58 years old on Friday, January 08. The actor has proved that he is ageing like a fine wine, continuing to melt hearts with his looks, and more than that, with his stunning performances. Recently, the actor recalled an anecdote wherein his life was at threat because of an animal.

It was during the filming of his movie ‘Butcher’s Crossing’ when Nicolas Cage’s life was in danger because of an animal. Not just that, but the actor said that the animal intended on killing him (Nicolas). It was none other than a horse named ‘Rain Man’ that put Nicolas’s life at the risk during the film’s shooting.

Nicolas Cage was giving an interview recently wherein he recalled the story of a horse that had literally put the actor’s life at risk. Nicolas said that the horse, Rain Man, kept on trying to throw him (Nicolas) off his back. The horse would also try to run Nicolas’s head into roofs. Nicolas got off the horse several times and also tried to be nice to the horse, but every time he tried that, the horse would headbutt him.

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The actor said that he has always had a great time shooting with animals but this was possibly the first that he had feared for his life. Nicolas Cage said that Rain Man “wanted to kill” him.

Nicolas Cage recalled another incident wherein the actor had to cross a heard of Bison on Rain Man’s back. He, of course, was not confident of the horse as Rain Man was “extremely difficult to ride”, according to the actor.

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It was the last shot that Nicolas Cage decided to shoot with the horse. He recalls how he told the film’s director, Gabe (Polsky) about how he is unwilling to film with Rain Man since he continued to throw him off. Nicolas told the director that it was his last scene with the horse and that he would no longer be shooting with it. Nicolas Cage went on to add that he has got “post-traumatic stress disorder from Rain Man”.

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