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10 Things You Need To Know About Candiace Dillard Bassett

Candiace Dillard Bassett has been shouldering a good deal of drama on The Real Housewives of Potomac as Gizelle, several other cast members, and their friends have accused her husband Chris of flirting with them, despite the cameras catching no such actions, as shown during flashbacks on the show. Candiace has been vocal about how hurtful the rumors have been for her and her husband.

Despite the unfavorable circumstances, Candiace has become one of the central cast members of season seven, and fans have been interested in whom the singer and housewife is on and off the show. With the drama mounting all season, fans will surely see more of Candiace as she is never one not to voice her opinion.


Candiace’s Album

Candiace’s album, Deep Space, has been a storyline on Real House of Potomac on season seven, as a carryover from season six, and finally, the full album’s deluxe edition has been released for fans. The album has been a primary focus for Candiace as the deluxe edition is a rerelease of her original album, which was a topic of discussion between Candiace and Nicki Minaj on the season six finale. With more eyes on season seven, the rerelease will introduce new fans to Candiace’s music, help make her a bigger name in R&B, and boost album sales.

Candiace’s Acting Career

Candiace has been working on her budding acting career throughout her time on RHOP, and recently it has grown more with her role on Hush, a drama about rich, affluent women taking part in a social experiment about cheating, lies, and murder.

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The drama got the attention of critics and was named one of the best guilty pleasure shows of fall by Essence, as posted on the show’s Instagram. This role allows fans of Candiace to see her in a different light and as a serious actress rather than just a reality tv star. The show hasn’t been mentioned on RHOP yet but is streaming on Allblk.

Candiace’s Marriage

In August 2022, Candiace and Chris celebrated the fourth anniversary of their marriage, which was captured on the fourth season of Real Housewives of Potomac and made Candiace the best cast member of the season as fans got to know more about her as a person and see her struggle with ordinary wedding planning hiccups like guest lists and in-laws demands. As they head toward their fifth year of marriage, Candiace and Chris have been battling with some of the RHOP and their friends as they make claims about Chris being flirty behind Candiace’s back. This has led to Candiace reading everyone who questions her husband’s intentions and tense dinners out.

Candiace On The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip

Candiace Dillard Bassett on RHOP

In July, Bravo confirmed that The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season three had been filmed, and Candiace would be a part of the cast, along with Gizelle Bryant, who she has battled with all season seven in Potomac. With other cast members from Salt Lake City, Miami, and Beverly Hills, Candiace is sure to make new friends and enemies with the rest of the cast, as all the cast members can throw shade at the best of them. Candiace has remained tight-lipped about who she got along with and if there will be any fights on the show, but she did post a video with the entire cast on her Instagram, confirming her part in the show.

Candiace’s Age and Birthday

RHOP star Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett at their wedding

In an interview with Page Six about how Chris was doing after seeing the latest episodes of Real Housewives that focused on his behavior, Candiace was confirmed to be 36 years old.

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Her age has become a topic of conversation on the show as she and Chris have been exploring options for conceiving a child and have had to consider her age and how the pregnancy would affect her health. Bravo confirmed the reality star’s birthday is on Dec. 14 and has celebrated with Christmas-themed parties since her birthday is so close to the holiday.

Where Candiace Was Born

RHOA argument

Even though she has settled in Potomac, Candiace is a southern belle by birth, as she was born in Biloxi, Mississippi but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, while her parents served as Air Force physicians, according to her Bravo bio. Candiace’s southern charm is apparent when she is around people she considers friends and always makes sure they are cared for when in her home, as guests are never seen in her house on the show without refreshments. But just like the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, no matter how likable they are, she can put someone in their place with the best of them if they cross her.

Candiace’s Career

Candiace Dillard Basset Season 6 Promo

While she may be a reality star, actor, and recording artist now, Candiace has been on several other career paths. According to her Bravo bio, Candiace worked in the White House during the Obama Presidency and on the campaign trail during the 2012 election. After serving in the governmental sphere, Candiace moved on to the parent circuit, where she showed off her performance skills, took home the Miss United States title, and later competed in several other systems. This could explain why Candiace is so comfortable in front of a crowd and speaks as eloquently as she does in her confessionals or interviews.

Candiace’s Businesses

Candiace Dillard Bassett Smiling on Watch What Happens Live

While many of her fellow cast members quickly promote their businesses on the show, Candiace hasn’t mentioned her other projects outside her music on RHOP. As confirmed by her page on Bravo, Candiace has several companies that provide for her and her family beyond her Real Housewives salary and her career as a singer.

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She is the CEO of Candiace Dillard Pageant Consulting, where she helps other Miss United States hopefuls, Prima Hair Collection, and co-owns Château Salon Suites. And if that wasn’t enough, Candiace recently earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration, which explains why Candiace is always seen moving from task to task while filming the show.

Candiace Dillard Bassett Is An Open Book

Candiace Dillard Bassett smiling

While many of the other cast members of The Real Housewives of Potomac have had secrets they have kept, Candiace hasn’t been exposed for hiding anything. On the show, Candiace has been open about all the aspects of her life that many would try and hide from the public, including her strained relationship with her mother, her fertility journey, and the issues she and Chris faced in the early stages of their marriage. By sharing her life with audiences, Candiace has become a fan favorite. They feel she is always genuine when many of the other cast members have hidden things from them or been disingenuous, as flashbacks often show.

Candiace Loves Chili’s

Even though she is married to a professional chef and is often seen eating fine foods on RHOP, Candiace recently shared that she is a big fan of the chain restaurant Chili’s after they liked a tweet that mentioned her song Fine Wine. The restaurant quickly responded with their love of the Real Housewives cast member and to the original poster saying real recognizes real about the reality star. While this may be a funny blip in internet history with Candiace’s business-savvy mind, it could be an opportunity for a partnership between the restaurant and the singer.

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