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Intel To Overhaul Arc Control Software In “Fine Wine” Graphics Driver Next Month

Intel’s Arc Control software will be receiving a significant update next month along with a new Arc GPU driver that is expected to bring big performance enhancements. As reported by numerous sources, the software update will roll out with the new graphics driver & will see a change in how it looks.

Intel Readies Major Arc GPU Driver & Arc Control Software Suite Release For February Release

The Arc Control software from Intel was difficult at best to use primarily because of its overall presentation. Many people found it unmanageable as an overlay and will probably welcome the new change that is expected soon. Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips said this in his recent video:

Intel refuses to provide an exact timeline or any other detail, but they heard you [Luke] and everyone. They know the overlay sucks, it’s going away. We are getting a non-overlay single app that will have everything consolidated into one pane.

Linus Sebastian, Linus Tech Tips

German tech magazine and website PC Games Hardware showed a section of a story written for its physical magazine, which is not in print until next month. The magazine states that Intel is planning to bring some major performance improvements along with various bug fixes in a major driver that is expected to land next month.

Image source: PC Games Hardware via Reddit.

As we have heard from well-informed circles, a major driver update is also planned for this February, which should improve performance in all APIs and also bring new features. Intel has already released a few driver updates over the past few months, which primarily address the rightly criticized performance under DirectX 9. […] As soon as the “miracle driver” appears, you can of course look forward to a test (promptly on

PC Games Hardware (machine translated from the above image)

Some reviewers have access to the new information but are under strict embargo about what can be revealed to the public. AdoredTV and Tom’s Hardware reviewer, Albert Thomas, notes that the latest software update is less of a removal or replacement to the overlay but an upgrade that would please both users and those who found it challenging.

I am limited in what I can say due to an NDA, but it’s not fully accurate to say overlay is going away. I believe I can say Intel’s solution will satisfy both folks who hate the overlay, and folks who like it.

Albert Thomas, Reddit

The finale from Linus Tech Tips and the group’s experience with Intel Arc graphics cards is below. You can find the complete discussion on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel.

News Sources: VideoCardz, PCGH (Reddit), Albert Thomas (Reddit), Linus Tech Tips (YouTube)

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