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Shoreditch House | A beautiful new local spot that will easily become your second home

The beautiful simplistic and elegant interior of Shoreditch House at The Winchester Hotel. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

The beautiful simplistic and elegant interior of Shoreditch House at The Winchester Hotel. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Restaurant: Shoreditch House and Harvey’s at The Winchester Hotel.

The newly opened Shoreditch House is the type of restaurant you want to keep going back to – one of those gems that could quickly become your regular spot for lunch with colleagues or dinner with friends.

It’s got a familiarity and warmth to it that makes you instantly feel welcome, comfortable, and entirely at home.

This aura of cosiness radiates from the soft and airy décor, the friendly staff, and the kitchen at the back with a custom-built charcoal grill at its centre. Underneath the grill glows fiery hot Namibian coal that emits the heat on which all the meals are prepared.

This cooking style means there’s a faint aroma of smokiness in the air when you walk in the front door that reminds you this is a place where food is being made. Hankering back to our primal past, the element of fire combined with the open airiness of the space is a ying-yang of past and future infused together to create a unique dining experience.

Spread out on the ground floor of the newly renovated Winchester Hotel in Sea Point, Shoreditch House, and its companion bar Harvey’s, is a breath of fresh air on the strip of cafés and restaurants sprinkled along the Promenade.

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

The exterior of The Winchester Hotel. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

Shoreditch House signage. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

The entrance to The Winchester Hotel in Sea Point,

The entrance to The Winchester Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Sit on the veranda and enjoy your drink or meal with an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean – which makes for a perfect spot to enjoy the Mother City’s beautiful sunsets.

If you prefer something a bit cosier, move indoors, where the beautiful Houtlander wood furniture and soft navy blue couches offer the perfect backdrop to delicious dining and good conversations.

If you want to experience something truly unforgettable, try to get a seat in what will undoubtedly become Cape Town’s most “Instagrammed” courtyard. It boasts three-storey high sprawling Bougainvillea shrubs in pink and purple, accented by modern black-and-white striped umbrellas and beautifully tiled floors.

The breathtaking courtyard at The Winchester Hotel. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

A view of the veranda. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Well-known restaurateur Rory Jossel, whose other Cape Town restaurants include YU and MRKT on the Foreshore, was tasked with marrying the old with the new in a landmark location in the city.

The Winchester Hotel reopened its doors in November after undergoing a complete renovation. Working with head chef Tim Pick, Rory created a modern eatery that fits perfectly in the historic shell of Cape Dutch architecture.

Instead of having a themed menu, guests can try everything from Italian to Asian to Mexican dishes, all seared, caramelised, roasted, or braaied over hot coals.

The idea is to select a collection of different sharable side plates to mix and match and try and taste alongside some fine wine. There are also a delicious variety of mains like the Dirty Rib-eye sealed in searing hot coals.

According to Rory, Shoreditch House did not want to restrict itself to a specific style of cuisine: “We’re choosing to focus on how each dish is prepared, celebrating South Africans’ affinity for flame, fire and smoke.”

He added: “There are also a lot of wonderful vegetarian side dishes, which are quite generous, and in combining a selection of those plates; vegetarian diners enjoy a fantastic choice of flavours. But as we settle into the season, and as the menu expands, we’ll be adding additional dishes, including more vegetarian main course options.”

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

A lounge/waiting area at the entrance of Shoreditch House. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

Pit roasted cauliflower, charred edamame with blackbean chilli, and marinated chicken wings. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Shoreditch House, Winchester Hotel

Inside Shoreditch House restaurant. (Photo: Herman Eloff)

Whether you’re just walking past and want to grab a bite to eat or want to plan a night out with friends and family, Shoreditch House offers the best of both worlds.

“At both Shoreditch House and Harvey’s Bar, our goal has been to create a menu and a dining experience that will draw diners in every week. To make it a place that’s welcoming to Capetonians and local visitors, as much as our in-house guests,” said Rory.


The Winchester Hotel is located at 221 Beach Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town.

For booking enquiries call 021 110 5006 or email

Herman Eloff is News24’s lifestyle editor. 

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