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Wine, woods and walking: Yadkin River Greenway has a delicious payoff at the end | Latest Headlines

Shortly you will go down and under a busy street. There are several eateries off to the right, but I recommend you forget these and plan to go into Wilkesboro or Yadkin for your meal. Pass under the bridge and begin the only real climb on the outward bound route.

When the short climb reaches the top of the hill, you will see a flat area ahead and below. That is the final loop at the end of the route. Down the paved hill and onto a sandy, gravel path. At the bottom of the grade, the trail splits. We went to the left and planned to complete the loop in a clockwise direction. The path moves over to the river again. The river is again on the left until you reach the outermost point of the loop.

Before we made the turn at the outside of the loop, there was a surprise. Off to the left was the Doc and Merle Watson Theater. Since moving back to North Carolina, I have heard of MerleFest. A premier location for country and western concerts. If you have ever been curious about this venue, the problem is solved. Actually, we plan to get tickets and return next year.

A little further around the loop and you will find running water restrooms. They were open and very clean. From here, continue around the loop until you see the paved greenway that will lead you back to the car.

When you drive out YMCA Boulevard, you can make a left and head to Wilkesboro or the wineries in Yadkin for a nice meal and great wine. We had to forgo the fine wine for an excellent Reuben sandwich in downtown Wilkesboro. We found a spot with great staff and great food plus homemade cheesecake.

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