Forget Starbucks — Tokyo commuters can now grab coffee from a robot barista

Commuters in Japan can now grab their morning coffee from a fully automated barista. Ella the robot, an IOT device from Singaporean startup Crown Digital, has been installed in Tokyo and Yokohama train stations for a marketing test until February 2022 thanks to a collaboration with the East Japan Railway.

Whether you prefer a human touch to your morning brew or not, the efficiency of the new system is undeniable. With a five square meter footprint and the precision to produce up to 200 cups of coffee per hour, savings are able to move down the chain to the consumer. Not only is Ella faster than the conventional coffee shop experience, but it’s also cheaper with a cup coming in at just $3.

Ella automated barista

(Image credit: Crown Digital)

The machine itself is comprised of an autonomous arm by Techman Robot, coffee maker by De’Longhi Japan, and a recognition and cleaning system designed to detect spills and breakdowns. Plus, the remote order and collection interface ensures minimal points of contact between commuters and the barista. 

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