Fruit fly successfully eliminated from Port Augusta

The first success has been achieved in the Marshall Liberal Government’s $50 million fruit fly eradication plan as the Mediterranean fruit fly was successfully eradicated from Port Augusta. As a result, restrictions on movement of fresh fruit and vegetables in Port Augusta have been lifted after a seven-month battle to rid the horticultural pest.

“Thank you to all residents in the affected area in Port Augusta and surrounds for their support for our fruit fly eradication program,” said Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham.

“The State Government has been responding to fruit fly outbreaks across South Australia which have been threatening the state’s $1.3 billion at-risk horticultural industry, including 37,500 local jobs, 4,000 businesses and thousands of livelihoods.”

“The eradication program in Port Augusta has been thorough, involving a combination of fruit and vegetable movement restrictions to stop fruit fly spreading, organic baiting, collecting fallen fruit, checking fruit for signs of fruit fly, and releasing sterile flies to break the life cycle.”


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