Brazil saw surge in fruit exports from January to November 2023

Brazil shipped 998.77 thousand tonnes in fruit exports from January to November 2023, marking a 10.99% increase compared to last year. The revenue surged by 27.73%, reaching $1.19 billion. This information is from the Prohort Bulletin developed by the National Supply Company (Conab) and released this week.

Mango, lemon, melon, grape, and watermelon were the top exports of this period. The leading exporting states were Rio Grande do Norte (24% of the total), Pernambuco (19%), Bahia (18%), São Paulo (14%), and Ceará (11%).

The chart below shows Brazilian mango exports between Jan 2019 and Oct 2023. The data is from DataLiner.

Conab attributes this result to several factors, including more favorable weather conditions contributing to increased productivity. Additionally, higher investments in some crops, reduced external competition, and climatic issues in other producing countries played a role.

Apple exports increased by 2.63% from January to November 2023, totaling 35.95 thousand tonnes. Exporters’ revenue rose by 24.98% during this period, reaching $30.55 million. Conab predicts that shipments will end the year at around 36 thousand tons.

Oranges were another fruit that Brazil exported in great numbers, with 2.52 thousand tonnes, representing a 681% increase from January to November 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Exports of orange juice increased by 7% to 2.37 million tonnes.

Crop issues and increased demand in other producing countries were key factors, according to the National Supply Company (Conab). Europe and the United States are the leading destinations for the Brazilian product.

“Numbers were achieved in a context of external problems such as droughts, reductions in harvests, and higher demand for fresh fruits in other producing regions, such as Mexico, Spain, and especially the USA,” reports Prohort.

Some fruits experienced a decline in exports. Banana shipments fell by 30.1% from January to November, totaling 54.61 thousand tons. Exporters’ revenue dropped by 29.5% to $24.3 million.

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