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Since its modest beginnings in 1976, the Country Fruit Stand has held a special place in the hearts of both locals and travelers. This cherished establishment was initially founded by the owner’s father and has since woven itself into the very fabric of the community.

Persistence through challenges

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Despite facing formidable challenges, including the construction of a bypass road, the unwavering dedication of Lori Phillips and Shorty Phillips, the owners of the Country Fruit Stand, remained resolute. They not only persevered but also relocated, merging their original fruit stand with another, giving rise to the birth of Country Fruit Stand number 2. This move underscored their commitment to providing the freshest produce to their valued customers.

A bounty of freshness

At the Country Fruit Stand, you’ll discover an impressive array of fruits and vegetables, ranging from succulent tomatoes and peaches to crisp apples and refreshing watermelons. Their unwavering dedication to quality is unmistakable, ensuring that every item is consistently fresh and top-notch. One delighted customer even shared their joy in finding “fresh, home-cooked potatoes and cabbage” at this hidden gem.

Unlocking the secrets of selection

When it comes to selecting the perfect watermelon, Lori and Shorty are fonts of wisdom. They reveal that a yellow bottom and a ground spot imprinted with a “6” are telltale signs of a ripe and juicy fruit. This insider knowledge ensures that customers leave with nothing but the best produce available.

A synergistic team effort

At the heart of the Country Fruit Stand’s success lies the dynamic duo of Lori and Shorty. Shorty, often referred to as the rock and Lori, with her nurturing nature, complement each other perfectly. Together, they ensure the seamless operation of the fruit stand and consistently deliver exceptional service to their patrons.

When you find yourself in the Goldsboro area and yearning for the freshest, locally sourced fruits and vegetables, make it a point to visit the Country Fruit Stand. With its rich history, unwavering commitment to freshness, and the welcoming presence of Lori and Shorty, it’s no surprise that this establishment stands as a genuine community treasure.

Remember, the Country Fruit Stand welcomes visitors from 8 AM to 8 PM, seven days a week, ensuring you have ample opportunities to relish the finest produce Goldsboro has to offer at Country Fruit Stand number 2.

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