Fruits, Ice Baths, Coolers At Odisha Zoo For Animals To Beat The Heat

Fruits, Ice Baths, Coolers At Odisha Zoo For Animals To Beat The Heat

Fruit platters are being given to elephants and other animals at the Zoo in Odisha to beat the heat


In view of the prevailing heatwave condition in Odisha, the Nandankanan Zoo authority has made special arrangements to protect the animals in the zoo from the scorching summer.

Special arrangements like – air coolers, sprinklers, and fruits – have been made in the zoo to provide relief to the animals from the intense heat wave conditions, officials said on Wednesday.

Special arrangements in the form of water sprinklers in their enclosures have been made for elephants, sambar and deers while coolers have been provided for the chimpanzees and gibbons. Besides, ice water has been provided to bears for bathing.

Watermelons, super fruits like sugarcane and anti-heat medicines are being given to the animals as per veterinary doctors’ advice, said Nandankanan Zoo director Manoj V Nair.

“We are also ensuring 24-hour drinking water supply in every enclosure of the zoo. We are also ensuring water supply in the pools so that animals could take baths to beat the heat,” he said.

The enclosures are covered with bamboo thatch and reed screens to protect the animals from the intense heat. Water sprinkling is being done on the bamboo thatch at regular intervals, zoo officials said.

The zoo has 14 drinking water kiosks at different places for tourists. Arrangements are being made to install some new kiosks, they said.

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