Ring in the New Year with Citrus from DiSilva Fruit & Morning Kiss Organic

Chelsea, MA – DiSilva Fruit and Morning Kiss Organic are ready to ring in the new year with sweet and refreshing citrus, available as both conventional and organic. With California, Florida and Texas crops in full swing, January is the best time of year to promote citrus. Morning Kiss Organic and DiSilva Fruit are ready to support promotional efforts, and private label opportunities are available. Current program offerings include navels, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons, and limes – as well as specialty citrus items including heirloom navels, cara-cara navels, blood oranges, minneolas, stem and leaf murcotts, satsumas, golden nuggets, pummelos and melo golds.

Demand for citrus continues to grow in both conventional and organic categories, however organic citrus in particular has seen strong growth in the past several years. Organic citrus is one of the leading categories of all organic purchases. Morning Kiss Organic is prepared to offer the best quality citrus from an extensive grower network.

“We’re excited to share our love of citrus with our retail partners and consumers. As our citrus program offerings continue to grow, so do our options for customizable sizes and packaging to fit all retail formats and price points. We aim to provide a simple and economical solution for meeting consumer demand,” says Nelly Czajkowski, sales manager at Morning Kiss Organic.

Get ready for another highly anticipated citrus item: California Heirloom navels. Heirloom oranges are hand selected from California’s historic old line orange groves. These vintage oranges are harvested at peak sweetness, and deliver a one-of-a-kind citrus experience. A very healthy fruit, they provide an excellent source of fiber, folate, potassium, and antioxidants while bolstering the immune system with a heavy dose of Vitamin C.

“Our heirloom oranges are flavor forward and extremely satisfying for any sweet craving. Our customers are going to love this product,” says Czajkowski.

Moroccan mandarins from DiSilva Fruit will be available January through April. Moroccan mandarins present an excellent everyday value option and will be available in 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb bags. Look for late variety Nadercott mandarins arriving mid-January.

About DiSilva, Gold Bell & Arrowfarms
A trusted leader in the produce company for over 50 years, Arrowfarms has state of the art production facilities located within the heart of New England’s major food hub. These facilities are used for packaging all varieties of potatoes, onions, citrus, and various other commodities. When a customer or vendor develops a relationship with an Arrowfarms company, they receive the best of what the produce industry has to offer. The company is comprised of dynamic companies, Arrowfarms, Gold Bell Inc., DiSilva Fruit, and Morning Kiss Organic.

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