Salix Fruits’ Executive Probes Moroccan Citrus Season

Salix Fruits Evaluates Moroccan Citrus Season Amidst Severe Drought

Vince Biasibetti, Executive Sales for Salix Fruits, a leading global fruit importer and exporter, embarked on a significant journey to Morocco, aiming to assess the ongoing citrus season with a sharp focus on mandarins and oranges. This visit held the dual intent of reinforcing ties with Moroccan citrus producers and ensuring the necessary volume for the United States programs.

Unfazed by Drought

Despite the severe drought plaguing Morocco, Biasibetti noted that the overall volume of citrus production remains unfazed. The situation, however, has led to a shift towards the production of smaller-sized fruits. The impact of the drought was observed to be unequal across farms in Marrakech and Beni Mellal, but the quality of the fruits is predicted to remain high. The consistent volume, despite the environmental challenges, is a testament to the resilience of Moroccan citrus producers.

Strengthening Ties and Exploring New Opportunities

Salix Fruits’ visit to Morocco also aimed at fortifying relationships with local producers, ensuring a consistent supply volume for their US clients, and unearthing potential trading opportunities. The company also demonstrated interest in exploring lesser-known citrus varieties that could offer a delightful surprise to the US market. The citrus fruits imported from Morocco make their entry into the US through the terminals at New York and Philadelphia.

Compliance with FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program

In accordance with its commitment to quality, Salix Fruits also emphasized the importance of compliance with the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP). This program mandates food imports to meet US safety standards, ensuring the health and wellbeing of consumers. Salix Fruits’ proactive approach in visiting production sites before each season is part of their strategic preparation. Similar visits are planned for Argentinian lemon plantations for the 2024 pre-season.

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