Self-isolation of Belarus and Russia is very costly for consumers of fruits and vegetables

The self-isolation of Belarus and Russia is very costly for local consumers of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, this will affect their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, which in turn will affect national immunity and health in general.

The access of Russian and Belarusian consumers to fresh vegetables and fruits has especially worsened after the embargo on their supply from the EU to the Belarusian market from January 1, 2022. Belarus has long been the largest re-exporter of European fruits and vegetables banned in Russia to its market. Accordingly, not only Belarusian, but also Russian consumers suffer from the embargo.

Since the announcement of the Belarusian embargo, the main set of vegetables and fruits, which were previously imported at least partially from the EU, including the basic vegetables of the borscht set, has risen in price by 25-35% average. Vegetables are now on average twice as expensive as last year, and fruits are 20-40% more expensive.


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