UK supermarkets accused of misleading labeling on origins of fresh fruit and vegetables

New Zealand: Masterton Warehouse stocks crops
Wairarapa shoppers’ fresh produce options have grown a little, with The Warehouse in Masterton expanding into selling fruit and veggies last week. The new range is a seasonal selection of produce that currently includes carrots, onions, potatoes, apples, bananas, mandarins, capsicum, avocados, kūmara, and kiwifruit. Masterton Warehouse store manager Tiff Paku said that bringing fresh produce to Masterton is another way for the retailer to better serve the community. “We’re really excited to have fresh fruits and veggies in our store, and they are flying off the shelves already,” she said.

Croatia: CVC Capital Partners eyes acquisition of Studenac
Luxembourg-based venture capital firm CVC Capital Partners has reportedly expressed interest in buying Croatian supermarket chain Studenac, two sources familiar with the matter told Croatian news portal Lider.

Gran Canaria: SPAR optimising retail network’s energy efficiency
SPAR Gran Canaria continues to modernize and optimize the energy efficiency of its retail network, opening a renovated SPAR Supermarket in Telde. There are areas dedicated to fresh local produce within the fruit and vegetable, bakery, charcuterie, and butchery departments.

Carrefour opens its 23rd store in Kenya, located within GTC
Carrefour in Kenya has announced the opening of its 23rd store at GTC Mall in Westlands, Nairobi. The store, spanning over 595 square meters of retail space, provides an extensive product range varying from groceries, fruits and vegetables, and everyday home essentials.

UK supermarkets accused of misleading labeling on origins of food products
Retailers must supply the “country of origin” for specific foods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meats, fish, wine, and olive oil, but the rules do not generally apply to processed meat or frozen or processed fruit and vegetables. However, Which? researchers on store visits found that, even when the country of origin was required, it was sometimes missing in the store, as was the case with loose cauliflowers, courgettes, and onions at Sainsbury’s and peppers, melons, and mangoes at Asda.

Holland: Slight turnover growth for Sligro
Last quarter, Sligro realized 652mln euros in sales, up 2.7 % from a year earlier. The company calls the growth “slightly positive.” In the Netherlands, sales rose 3.8 % to 554mln. Consumers remain reluctant to spend, so Sligro’s professional customers are also buying less volume. The wholesaler is attracting new customers, however.

Despar Italia maintains growth, to invest €100mln in 2024
Despar Italia, a consortium of six food distributors and affiliated retailers, has reported a 5.6% revenue increase in 2023 to €4.4bln. Despar Italia plans to invest €100mln in 2024 for further network expansion, including 35 new stores and 33 renovations, among others.

SuperValu and GIY research reveals 1/3 Irish families growing food at home
One-third of families are growing food at home, and over 80% have confirmed they would like to, according to new research from SuperValu and Grow It Yourself (GIY). The report also found that 80% of Irish children are consuming fruit and vegetables daily, with 63% achieving the recommended daily allowance.

UK: Warning of empty shelves at Morrisons as Cheshire and Wakefield logistics workers could strike over pensions
Hundreds of workers for the supermarket chain Morrisons could be heading to the picket line after their employer forced through changes to their pensions that will leave them worse off by around £500 a year. Approximately 1,000 Unite members working as warehouse stock controllers, cooks, canteen staff, and administrators are being balloted for strike action to protect their pensions and take-home pay.

Crisp to expand in Belgium
Online fresh food market Crisp has put its Belgian distribution center up for rent, while orders for Belgium are now being processed in the Netherlands. However, the company says this is not a precursor of an exit, saying it will have “interesting expansion news” soon. To Wallonia, perhaps?

UK: Carrots and cheese among 10 food myths a lot of people believe
Carrots help you see in the dark, cheese gives you nightmares, and crusts make your hair curly, which tops the list of common food myths believed by Brits in a new study. The study, which was conducted by FUNKIN COCKTAILS to celebrate the launch of Nitro Blue Raspberry Martini, revealed that despite not being a real fruit, more than a quarter of us are convinced that blue raspberries really exist. The 10 most common food myths believed by the Brits: 1. Carrots can help you see in the dark (70%) 2. Eating cheese gives you nightmares (36%) 3. Eating toast crusts makes your hair curly (34%) 4. Gum takes seven years to digest (33%) 5. Vitamin C prevents colds (32%) 6. Eating apple seeds causes them to grow in your stomach (30%) 7. Spilling salt is bad luck (29%) 8. The five-second rule works when dropping food on the floor (29%) 9. Tomatoes are vegetables (27%) 10. Eating spinach gives you muscles (27%).

US: Savino P. Nanula, 93, co-founder and executive of Tops Markets
Savino P. “Nino” Nanula, a co-founder and executive of Tops Markets who helped build it into a major regional supermarket chain, died April 9 after a brief illness in Clearwater, Florida, where he had a winter home. He was 93.

How two produce veterans rebounded from a failed business venture to launch a salad kit company
Matt DuPerrouzel and Ezio Bondi’s experience in the produce industry stretches back to their teenage days. DuPerrouzel and Bondi started New Toronto Food Co. as a produce processor to create fresh-cut fruits and vegetables as well as repacking and blending produce for wholesale customers. Then, after becoming new parents – DuPerrouzel in 2018 and Bondi in 2020 – the duo began thinking of a new product idea geared towards busy households. Determined to make their second launch a success, Bondi and DuPerrouzel invested heavily in the marketing, branding, and merchandising of arte* salad kits.

US: Grubhub expands into grocery
Grubhub is getting into grocery. The restaurant delivery company is partnering with Mercato, an online marketplace for independent grocery stores, to add over 950 retail merchants to the Grubhub Marketplace.

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