Vietnam’s fruit, vegetable exports see green shoots

Fruit, vegetable exports see green shoots hinh anh 1

Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports surge to a record high in 2023. (Photo: VNA)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) reported that the country earned 5.69 billion USD from fruit and vegetable exports in the year, up over 70% year-on-year.

China, the US, the Republic of Korea (RoK), Japan, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Australia were Vietnam’s biggest fruit and vegetable importers, especially neighbouring China that accounted for 65% of the revenue.

Surpassing dragon fruit, durian made up the lion’s share with more than 2 billion USD, which is attributable to the protocol on phytosanitary requirements for Vietnamese durian exported to China.


Fruit, vegetable exports see green shoots hinh anh 2

Surpassing dragon fruit, durian makes up the lion’s share with more than 2 billion USD. (Photo: VNA)

Besides, other fruits like watermelon are expected to see breakthroughs in exports as another protocol regarding quarantine requirements for watermelon exported from Vietnam to China has been signed, paving the way for the fresh fruit to officially enter the lucrative market, and similar documents for chili, fresh coconut and frozen durian would be inked in the time ahead.

The MARD’s Plant Protection Department said it has coordinated with importing countries to issue 6,997 growing area codes and 1,613 packaging facility codes for fresh fruits, including dragon fruit, mango, star apple, banana, grapefruit, passion fruit, seedless lemon, longan, lychee and chili, which are allowed to be shipped to China, the US, Australia, New Zealand, the RoK and Japan.

It has also worked with localities to expand growing areas and packaging facilities, and remove technical barriers, facilitating Vietnam’s fresh fruits to enter foreign markets./.VNA

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