How Many Olympic Gold Medals Have New Yorkers Won? A LOT

Turns out New York is one of the most successful states when it comes to winning Olympic games.

In just a few days, the 2024 Summer Olympics officially begin in Paris and it appears New York is poised to add even more gold medals to its impressive trophy case.

This year, the Empire State is sending several residents to the summer games, including Sunny Choi, who will be inducted into the first class of athletes to compete in breakdancing. She’s already a gold medal winner after securing first place in the Pan American Games.

Also heading to the Games is 35-year-old Jimmer Fredette, who hails from Glens Falls. He will be repping the Red, White, and Blue on the basketball court.

He also picked up a gold medal playing 3×3 basketball at the 2023 Pan American Games.

If they bring home the gold in Paris, New York will further cement itself as one of the winningest states. That’s according to the online casino review site Lucky Gambler.

The outlet crunched available data to determine the number of medals won by each state since 1992. Since those games, athletes who were born in New York took home the gold 84 times.

The state has also picked up 51 silver medals and 34 bronze medals.  As for the most decorated NY athlete, that would be basketball star Tamika Catchings, with four gold medals.

2016 Team USA Media Summit – Portraits

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Only one other state has us beat and it shouldn’t be all that shocking that it’s California. The Golden State has won 254 gold, 153 silver, and 127 bronze medals.

Lucky Gambler then determined which state, statistically, is the most successful based on population count. They compared the total number of medals won against a state’s total population to determine wins per 1 million residents.

In that respective category, New York finished in eighth place with roughly 4.3 Gold medal wins per 1 million persons.

Speed Skating – Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 9

Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Maryland – 7.77 per million people. Has won 48 Gold Medals since 1992
  2. California – 6.52 per million people. Has won 254 Gold Medals since 1992
  3. Vermont – 6.18  per million people. Has won 4 Gold Medals since 1992
  4. Hawaii –  5.57 per million people. Has won 8 Gold Medals since 1992.
  5. Maine – 5.02  per million people. Has won 7 Gold Medals since 1992.
  6. New Hampshire -4.99 per million people. Has won 7 Gold Medals since 1992.
  7. Minnesota – 4.36 per million people. Has won 25 Gold Medals since 1992.
  8. New York – 4.29 per million people. Has won 84 Gold Medals since 1992.
  9. Illinois – 3.98 per million people. Has won 52 Gold Medals since 1992.
  10. New Jersey – 3.98 per million people. Has won 37 Gold Medals since 1992.

It’ll be interesting to see how these rankings change once the Summer Olympics wraps up on July 26.

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