This Nissan GT-R Covered in 24-Carat Gold Has Been for Sale for Years, Nobody Wants It

This is automotive opulence taken to a whole new level. What you are looking at is the world’s only Nissan GT-R covered in 24-carat gold known to exist and it has been for sale for ages. The model is currently on display in a showroom in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, at half the price it was several years ago.

One million dollars. This is how much this car was originally asked for. However, selling it seems to be an “impossible mission.” The 2014 Nissan GT-R is dressed in 24-carat gold chrome. The model was unveiled in 2016 in the land of the rich, Dubai. The model has been popping out for sale every once in a while since then. We don’t know how many times it was sold and if ever.

But we do know that it is an online sensation. Every single social media post announcing a new sale is accompanied by a gazillion likes and wows, and shares as if it belongs to everyone online. However, there is no information on who it belongs to right now.

The car comes with a unique custom body kit on which the Kuhl Racing team worked for over a year. The body panels of the GT-R were first treated to a special chrome and then coated in 24-carat gold paint with a pattern that mimics the alligator skin.

The GT-R also features aftermarket wheels, a new massive rear wing, a custom titanium exhaust, and aftermarket hand-built headlights, carried out from a Lexus RC F, which are 8,000 dirhams each.

2014 Nissan GT\-R with 24\-carat gold plating

Photo: Auto Deals Dubai

The gold theme continues inside, but it is somehow tamed. The center console, vent trims, and interior door handles are also in gold.

The engine was first tuned up for anywhere between 850-900 horsepower. However, later reports indicate that the engine now pumps out a massive 1,500 horsepower. There are gold-plated elements under the hood as well.

A couple of years ago, the car was for sale, sitting at $1 million. Later on, it dropped to around $800,000. Since then, its price plunged, and whoever wants to take it home will have to pay $435,600. The odometer only shows 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) so the GT-R is every inch a garage queen. Or a showroom queen, considering its background.

The gold Nissan GT-R from Dubai has a twin brother, currently residing in Japan, where Kuhl Racing, the firm that built both of them, is based.

A 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air is the world’s most famous gold-plated car

The world’s most famous car with 24-carat gold plating is not this 2014 Nissan that never seems to sell, but the one that General Motors paraded on November 23, 1954, in Flint, Michigan, during the celebration that marked the production of 55 million cars.

General Motors built three such cars, but they were lost over the years with the last one burning in a fire that engulfed the entire warehouse where it was sheltered.

However, a team of brilliant experts from Snodgrass Chevy Restoration shop managed to build a replica of the gold-plated Bel Air and it looks every inch the real deal.

After seven months of working around the clock, they got it ready in time for the 2024 Autorama in Detroit. Their work is not done, though. They continue to trace the original cars from 1954.

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