Tigirlily Gold Says “I Tried a Ring On” Reveals a “Vulnerable Side”

Tigirlily Gold kicks off 2024 with new music. The country duo, made up of sisters Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh, unveiled their new single “I Tried a Ring On” today (January 5). The introspective ballad shows a different side of the sisters, who introduced themselves with the feel-good top 40 single “Shoot Tequila” last year.

Kendra shares that “I Tried a Ring On” is one of her favorite songs the pair has written. She penned the track with Krista, Pete Good, and Josh Jenkins.

“It is a total shift from ‘Shoot Tequila,’” Kendra explains. “‘Tequila’ was fun, honky tonk girl group energy. ‘I Tried a Ring On’ is storytelling. It’s showing a much more vulnerable side of who we are. I think people need to see that we are these super fun, high-energy gals. But we also are storytellers too, and we want to tell our truth and tell our stories.”

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Krista shares that she’s especially proud of “I Tried a Ring On” because it is a different approach to a breakup song.

“Country music is famous for their heart-wrenching breakup songs, but a lot of those breakup songs talk about how hard it is to get over that person or how to miss them less and less every day,” she notes. “But myself [and] some of my friends going through breakups, the frustration of having to start over again is not talked about as much. That is almost an equally, if not the more devastating part of breakups. 

“The last lines of the chorus are: I’m sure I’ll get over you being gone, I just feel stupid I tried to ring on. It is very one-sided. It’s a whiplash thing to think that you had that forever with somebody and then it completely was taken away from you. I’ve not been married, but we’ve played the song live for a while now and people who have gone through divorces have come up to us and said that it relates to them as well.”

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Tigirlily Gold notes that there are many ways to approach and interpret the song and they hope it will strike a chord with listeners as much as it has with the duo. 

“If it did not get the chance to go to country radio, if it did not get the chance to at least be heard by the masses, we would regret that,” Krista adds. “We believe in the song so much that we’re glad it’s going to get the chance.” 

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