Where Is Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune Really Filmed?

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” is filmed mainly in the Alaska Panhandle near Haines, and the Klondike region of the Yukon, where the majority of the prospectors’ mines are located. Tony Beets and Rick Ness both have mines located in the Yukon area, and Dustin Hurt’s claim is near Haines. However, Dave Turin decided to go to Idaho, and Fred Lewis’ claim is in Sumpter, Oregon, so those locations should also make an appearance this season as well (via Outsider). Despite that, Lewis has also traveled to the Yukon area, evident on his Instagram.

While the views in the Yukon area are breathtaking, the harsh weather conditions make it one of the least populated Canadian territories (via The Washington Post). The fact that this was the location of the well-known Klondike gold rush of the late 1900s is one of the main reasons this area has always been chosen for filming the Discovery series (via NPS). There is a lot of history here, and the show feeds on that.

The second main location for filming is near Glacier Bay National Park, in the area known as the Alaskan Panhandle. But in December of 2020, there were disastrous landslides in the region that destroyed nine homes in Haines and left two people dead (via The Globe and Mail). As this is where Hurt’s claim is, there is obviously a lot of tension around what he’ll find when he gets there, making for another intriguing season of “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.”

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