Guerin Emig OU coach search mailbag 2.0: Dabo Swinney enters the conversation because college football has gone cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs | OU Sports Extra

“When Barry Switzer had a couple of off seasons in the early 80s the Bury Barry stickers abounded and a significant number wanted him fired.

“I postulate that the only loyalty owed by either side, the coach or the administration, are to the terms of the contract they entered into. You might have a colorable case for loyalty due in both directions if the coach was an alum and even more impressive, a player in the past. Did not seem to help Blankenship did it? Gary Gibbs, an Oklahoma player and graduate saddled with recruiting restrictions for NCAA penalties imposed on the previous administration, beat every team on the schedule they were favored to beat but could not overcome Texas and Nebraska, short of the recruiting numbers limited by sanctions. He was fired.

“The hand-wringing and pearl-clutching is funny actually. I was actually laughing reading your column.

“If the New York Times called this morning, doubling your salary, and all other rough journalistic equivalents, offering as perks, (I am assuming they wouldn’t offer you a jet), would you leave?”

Jim makes an excellent case for loyalty as a two-way street. And he’s right — given the increased speed at which coaches are fired today, never mind the millions still owed on their contacts, I could have just as easily labeled athletic directors as the “sharks” in my column.

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