Have You Seen This? Cotton candy chaos at the ballpark

A New York Giants game is ongoing as two men in the stands fight over cotton candy. (rareforsure, TikTok via Baseball Bros.)

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THE BALLPARK — Fights at sporting events are nothing new. Hockey players pummel each other on a nightly basis, football players often enter into skirmishes, and overzealous fans love to get into shoving matches with the opposing team’s supporters.

But these fights rarely involve family members going at it. Which is what makes this video so unique:

We may never know exactly what’s going here, so I’ll make my best guess. It appears, to me, that a pair of immature brothers attended a San Francisco Giants game with their hyper-focused father. Both of the sons requested cotton candy, but the dad only brought enough money to buy one treat. The sons flipped a coin and the winner was chosen.

But the other son was understandably upset that his brother got to eat all that sweet, sweet cotton candy. So he began reaching over to pinch off a bit for himself.

The father tolerated these shenanigans as long as he could, but ultimately decided that enough was enough. Like a bolt of lightning, it occurred to him that his sons were actually adults now. They had jobs and families. So why was he still buying them cotton candy and then having to watch them squabble like 5-year-olds?

In a fit of rage, he then attempted to grab the cotton candy and eat it all himself.

What can we learn from this bizarre experience at the ballpark? Simply that nothing good happens when you purchase cotton candy for your children after the age of 10.

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