Hey Fruit Growers: Here’s To Squeezing the Most Out of 2022

Take it for what it’s worth, but I have a good feeling about the New Year that is now upon the fruit-growing industry. I’ve seen the writing on the wall — and every single word is spelled perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong. In American Fruit Grower® magazine’s previous issue, I more or less figured Ohio State would once again beat Michigan in the teams’ Nov. 27 grudge match. The Wolverines won easily. But I’ll do better this time around — better than the Buckeyes, at least.

My current optimism stems from this issue’s cover story, which runs on pages 6 and 7. Extension specialists from across the country provide answers to the question: What do successful growers do in January that other growers might not?

The responses that comprise the story are highly resourceful and entertaining in some cases. More than three dozen Extension agents representing at least a dozen universities share wide-ranging insight as to how to kick off, in this case, 2022. Some focus on office work, others on the mostly idle fields outside. Some stress financial health, others mental wellbeing.

Before drafting the story, I performed a word count on the combined answers, which is more or less requisite. To my surprise, the number surpassed 6,000. Out of an odd curiosity that only another editor would appreciate, I then spell-checked the entire unedited document. To my even greater amazement, there wasn’t one misspelling.

In today’s world of Tweet-speak, this was a minor miracle. And how about your Extension specialists? Experts in their field, solid content creators, and no doubt, reigning spelling bee champions to boot.

Speaking of those 6,000 words, there are times when you can have too much of a good thing — e.g., too much information and too many sources to fit into any one print story. Which leads me to remind you that there is a digital side to American Fruit Grower., in instances like this, picks up where the print magazine leaves off. Visitors to our flagship website can expect to see expanded versions of stories, such as this issue’s cover piece.

In other instances, serves as the torch bearer, offering premium information that can’t be seen elsewhere. For example, American Fruit Grower contributed to a digital Irrigation Report that was published in December.

I encourage you to check it out at

Moving forward, there will be plenty more of that two-pronged approach in 2022. Here’s to your success in this New Year, and us following up on it.


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